I rearranged my website for easier navigating using drop down menus to make things easier. In doing so, I lost all my product reviews! I was able to reinsert them but now they all have today's date! Please, I hope all my customers will take a moment to add a review of the bullets they've received. Reviews help me improve and stay in business! Loads for all my bullets can be found at www.loaddata.com.

Vollmer Precision - Bullets

.375, .38-55, and now 35 caliber!


All my products feature a 30-day warranty and shipped via USPS Flat Rate Boxes to keep shipping low on such heavy products.  Upon delivery, if these products fail to meet your expectations in any way, return unused products for a full refund.  Once you have used the product, shipping expenses cannot be refunded but, If any product fails to meet your expectations down range or in the field, return the remainder of the product for a refund of the price of each that product.  Contact me!  I will make things right!  I'm making products that work for me and will work for you!

All sales abide with all Local, State, and Federal regulation in regards to sales and shipping of my products.