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Vollmer Bullets

.35 Caliber Slugging kit

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Identical to my .38-55 slugging kit but sized for a .35, this barrel slugging kit is specifically designed to determine the best fitting bullet for any bore diameter between 0.356" and 0.361".  Modern .35 caliber rifles are designed with rifling 0.004" deep.  The SAAMI tolerance for a typical .35 caliber groove diameter is +0.002/-0.000 while the tolerance for the associated bullet is +0.000/-0.003".  With these tolerances and a combination of large groove diameter coupled with small bullet diameter, you could have only 0.0015" of rifling grip.  A hot load could prove inaccurate in such a rifle leaving the hand loader to think it is their load development causing the problem.  Imagine what a worn bore could yield!  Loading the proper bullet diameter will not only enhance accuracy but will seal the bore allowing the most effective propellant burn resulting in a much cleaner shooting firearm.  Where do you get these proper fitting bullets?  Why Vollmer Precision that's where!  A variety of .35 caliber jacketed bullets are going into production shortly and will soon be added to this web site.  (Ask me about them!) This kit is easy to use, comes with complete instructions and will successfully determine your groove diameter using existing tools on your reloading bench.  It is also warranted for 30 days.  If it doesn't meet your expectations in any way, return it for a refund of its purchase price.  You will like this kit!