Vollmer Precision is relocating to a permanent facility in Nipomo CA! I apologize for delays this causes but will offer a 10% moving sale for any orders taken between now through January 2019. Enter "MOVING" as the discount code to get this deal. Production should resume by February with shipping expectations soon after that. I recommend www.loaddata.com for all your reloading data.

Vollmer Bullets

.375 Caliber 220 Grain Jacketed Soft Point Bullets (w/cannelure)

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These are component bullets for modern or vintage rifles chambered for the .375 caliber cartridge.  This is not loaded ammunition.  These are newly manufactured, hand-made, semi-jacketed, soft point bullets with a 0.200" meplat (flat nose) that are perfect for tubular magazines of all lever action rifles.  These are excellent bullets that will keep any .375 shooting like it should.  Indicated inventory is how many I can hand make in a month.  Expect delivery by the end of the month following the month purchased in.  When inventory is exhausted, back orders are taken and filled in the order they were received!

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