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Vollmer Bullets

.375 SuperMag 220 gr .200 Meplat SJFP Bullets, Box of 50

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These are component bullets for modern firearms chambered for the .375 SuperMag cartridge.  This is not loaded ammunition.  These are newly manufactured, hand-made, semi-jacketed, soft point bullets with a 0.200" meplat (flat nose) designed specifically to maximize the potential of the .375 SuperMag cartridge accommodating a full crimp with a 2.100" cartridge overall length with a 1.600" casing.  With over 14% additional meplat diameter (over the .175), this is one hard hitting son of a gun!  These are excellent bullets that will keep any .375 Silhouette revolver shooting like it should.  Indicated inventory is how many I can hand make in a month.  Expect delivery by the end of the month following the month purchased in.  When inventory is exhausted, back orders are taken and filled in the order they were received!

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