Check out the new price on 255 grain bullets! Thank you Corbin's for making the jackets available to support these heavier bullets; making them from scratch was costly! Customers: Thank you for your patience and your support as new licensing was secured!

Vollmer Bullets

Hard to find Semi-Jacketed Soft Point Bullets sized from .401 to .411 100 Bullets/box

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Do you make hand loads and can't find the bullets you need for a specific firearm that has long been out of production?  Sales here are collected until 3,000 bullets are sold.  Then, tooling is ordered, the bullets are developed, and I go into production with them.  While this can take considerable time (up to 2 years), your investment in the effort can be refunded in full at any time up to ordering the tooling to be made.  Those that choose to hang tight with the project will typically get much more than they expect.  For example, a slugging kit will likely be included and a box (of 50) of any variety bullet the tooling can make will be sent as well.  Patience will pay off and you will be shooting that firearm again instead of it becoming a safe queen. This particular category will supply bullets for the following cartridges:

41 Short Colt
401 Herter Powermag
38-40 Winchester
40-50 Sharps
40-60 Marlin
40-70 Sharps
40-63 Ballard
40-65 Ballard
10.15mm Jamann
40-90 Sharps
40-85 Ballard
40-110 Winchester Express
40-60 Winchester
10.25x69Rmm Hunting Express
40-70 Remington
40-70 Winchester
400 Whelen
400 Purdey
450/400 Nitro Express
401 Winchester Self-Loading
40-65 Winchester
40-75/82 Winchester
40-72 Winchester
40-70 Peabody
40-90 Peabody
450/400 Nitro
41 Action Express
41 Remington Magnum
400 Jeffery
411 JDJ
10.15mm Serbian Mauser

      Did I miss any?  Let me know and I will add it to this list.